Implementation Resources

This page lists free resources such as software libraries, CAD models for experiments, etc. Please add links to other resources! When editing the page, please enter your name into the "author" field.

  • Parabolic Path Smoother for computing time-optimal trajectories for bounded-acceleration manipulators, and smoothing postprocessing routines, by Kris Hauser.

  • Matlab code for computing time-optimal paths for car-like robots, by Elizabeth Wang.

  • The RVO Library is a publicly available C++ library with a simple API for Real-Time Multi-Agent Simulation.

  • The Motion Strategy Library is an open-source general-purpose C++ library for implementing and comparing motion planning algorithms, for use in research, education, and industry.

  • The Motion Planning Kit is a C++ library and toolkit for developing single- and multi-robot motion planners. It is also capable of planning multi-goal tours for industrial robots in complex environments.

  • Yaobi is a fast collision detection library written in C++. Like PQP it uses a tree of oriented bounding boxes to represent objects, but Yaobi is on average 2.5 to 3 times faster. Yaobi is released as open source under the terms of the MIT license.

  • FAST is a continuous collision detection library for non-convex polyhedra based on SWIFT++.

  • The Level Set Method Library (LSMLIB) contains an implementation in Fortran and C/C++ of many of the standard level set method algorithms and numerical kernels described in "Level Set Methods and Dynamics Implicit Surfaces" by S. Osher and R. Fedkiw and "Level Set Methods and Fast Marching Methods" by J. A. Sethian. The Fast Marching Method (FMM) functionality provided by LSMLIB can be used to implement dynamic potential fields (e.g., Crowd Flows).

  • Time-optimal Trajectories For A Differential Drive Robot contains an implementation in C++ of an algorithm to determine the time optimal trajectories for a bounded velocity differential drive vehicle in the unobstructed plane. Contributed by Devin J. Balkcom and Matthew T. Mason.