Juan Quiroz

Tue, June 28, 2016 

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Current work

I am a research assistant in the CSE department working with Dr. Sushil Louis. My current research is on human guided evolution for creative design tasks, such as floorplanning, document design, and user interface design.

IGAP: Interactive Genetic Algorithm Peer to Peer
IGAP is a collaborative IGA, where a user can view individuals evolved by peers, and inject any individuals the user likes into his/her population.

Source code in GitHub

3D Models

Document Design

Floorplan Evolution
The three floorplans below were evolved interactively by users. The user chooses the floorplan the user likes the best, and this is combined with architectural guidelines to guide the evolutionary process.

User Interface Evolution
The two pictures below show the starting population at generation 0 of UIs and the converged population of UIs at generation 200. These UIs were evolved with no user in the loop. The assumed user preference was blue UIs.