NCS5 models integrate-and-fire neurons with conductance-based synapses using two clusters: four SUN 4600 machines (16-processors each) connected via Infiniband with 192 GB RAM per machine, 24 Terabytes of disk storage; and 208 Opteron cores, 416 GB RAM, and more than a Terabyte of disk storage.

Experiments have demonstrated biologically realistic learning in real time by distributing models of 100,000 neurons over a cluster of 208 processors.

We are now working on optimizing our software by refactoring NCS architecture and upgrading its Application Programming Interface (API), and improving our hardware platforms. This will increase simulation speed and improve the robustness and functionality of complex brain models. These enhancements will also allow researchers to create real-time intelligent systems.

CNS 2012 Tutorial Files:

CNS 2012 Tutorial Slides (pptx) (92 MB)
CNS 2012 Tutorial Slides (pdf) (11 MB)

NCS 5 Source Code and documentation