NCS6 is an extensible neural simulator for heterogeneous clusters of both CPUs and GPUS. It currently supports multiple boxes with multiple NVIDIA GPUs (CUDA capable) per box under the Linux OS.

License: NCS is released as an Open Source project under the following license License

Equations Used: The equations NCS6 uses for cells and channels for its LIF cell plugin can be found here:(pdf) The equations for the Izhikevich cell plugin were taken from his publications

Examples Example input files for NCS are here: ([84k])

Source: The full source code for NCS6 has been moved from BitBucket to a repository on GitHub which can be found at:

Older standalone NCS6 Files: (35.1 MB)
Directions on How to Install and Run NCS6

Documentation for NCS 5 can be found back in the NCS5 project page. A full set of documentation for NCS6 is still under development

Overview: An overview of NCS6 is avilable (pdf).