By: Roger Hoang, Steve Koepnick, Joe Mahsman, Raymond Martinez, Matthew Sgambati & Cody White

aetherAether is a space racing game for two to four players on the Xbox 360 and PC. Each player controls a ship that flies in the 3D world. Unlike most racing games, the player in the lead creates the track for the other players to follow. The track is a tunnel that must be navigated by the other competitors.There are two competitive modes: last man standing and king of the hill. In last man standing, players are eliminated when they fall out of the end of the tunnel. aether3The goal is to take the lead and create a complex tunnel, causing competitors to be eliminated. To limit the game time between skilled players, the tunnel disintegrates from the end. In king of the hill, a player accumulates time by being in the lead. The winner is the player who reaches the match time first. When players fall out of the end of the tunnel, they are teleported inside of the tunnel and receive a penalty.Aether has a unique artistic style where each player has an aesthetic. When a player takes the lead, their aesthetic changes the appearance of the game.

The game has been submitted to the 2010 IGF Student Showcase Competition.