Students working on Human-Robot Interaction

PhD Students

Master Students


  • Christopher King, (Master of Science), "Vision and Laser-Based Perception for Real-Time Autonomous Robotic Applications", graduated 12/03/2007 (co-advised with Mircea Nicolescu).
  • Bradford Towle, (Master of Science), "Combining Role Playing Game Constructs Toward Real Time Strategy Games", graduated 11/28/2007.
  • Asya Nikitina, (Master of Science), "Design and Implementation of Pattern Recognition Algorithms for the Detection of Chemicals with a Microcantilever Sensor Array", graduated 11/07/2007.
  • Adam Olenderski, (Master of Science), "Aspects of Behavior Design for Learning by Demonstration", graduated 08/08/2007.
  • Pablo Rivera, (Master of Science), "Development of an Autonomous Rover for the Nevada Student Satellite Program", graduated 08/08/2007.
  • Xavier Palathingal, (Master of Science), "A Framework for Long-Term Human-Robot Iteraction", graduated 04/18/2007.
  • Christian Rayburn, (Master of Science), "Field Demonstrated Autonomous Robot Control for CanSat Rocket Payload Retrieval", graduated Fall 2005.