Mobile robots
We have 11 Pioneer 3DX mobile robots and 1 Pioneer AT. In addition to the standard on-board computer, all the robots are equipped with a dual-processor box used for visual processing and computational intensive algorithms. The robots have Sony PTZ cameras, grippers and laser rangefinders.

The robots are currently used for our projects on intent understanding, learning by demonstration, multi-robot control, and human-robot interaction.

We recently purchased 10 Create robots, which are all equipped with a 1.2GHz CPU.

Our goal is to use these robots to extend our research heterogeneous multi-robot control and also for educational purposes on our Autonomous Mobile Robots class.

Legged robots
Our Sony Aibo is currently used for our research in human-robot interaction. We plan to extend using the robot on our intent understanding and learning by demonstration projects.

Humanoid robots
In 2007 we purchased 10 Robosapien robots to be used for both research and education. In particular, they will be used on the projects on human-robot interaction and intent understanding and as a platform for an advanced seminar on robotics.