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    Ebenezer to Hugh

    My Brady Family History

    Our BRADY family ancestry is now definitely traced back from my great grandfather Ebenezer Brady (1817-1879) to his great grandfather, my Scotch-Irish fourth great grandfather Hugh Brady (c.1709-c.1778). Hugh Brady emigrated from Ireland to the American colonies shortly after 1730, by tradition embarking from Londonderry with his wife Hannah in company with several other families. They landed in Delaware where their first son John was born in 1732, and in a few years Hugh and Hannah settled with their growing family in Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, where they were early members of the Middle Spring Presbyterian Church.

    My own contributions to the discovery of more information about our Brady family history began in 1997 when this web page was first created, and our Ebenezer Brady's specific family connection to Hugh was still somewhat tentative. This effort began with the accumulated family research that had already been carried out by my second cousin Chris Hansen and my late cousin Edgar T. (Tom) Brady who did their research before the existence of the Web and its many genealogical resources. My two cousins' work, contributions and advice while I was doing my family research were indispensable and are gratefully acknowledged.

    In 1997 I took a liesurely road trip back across the country from the east coast that traced my Brady family's migration route from Cumberland County near Shippensburg, PA (1787 to Westmoreland County) to Indiana County, PA (by 1817), to Belmont (1837), Monroe (before 1850), and Noble (after 1860) Counties in Ohio, and then to Guthrie County, Iowa (about 1870). Several days each were spent in Shippensburg and Indiana, Pennsylvania at the local library and historical societies. The trip included visits to cemeteries and county court houses to gather new information. Upon returning home I put up the first short version of this genealogical web page summarizing our Brady family lineage back to Hugh Brady.

    My family research over the seventeen years since that first visit to Pennsylvania has significantly benefitted from the many contacts with other Hugh Brady descendants made possible by the ancestral information I posted on this web page which I have endeavored to update. I still welcome contact from anyone having questions or additional information to contribute.

    Here is a summary of my direct line back to my great grandfather Ebenezer and thence to his great grandfather Hugh.