Why I might want to become a computer scientist?

This was the first homework assignment for the students in a similar class. Students were required to write an essay about their perception of Computer Science and why they are interested in becoming a Computer Scientist. Here is the best of the pick by Becky Zagurski.

Please note that this message at times adhears to all social streotypes and, is for your amusement. Therefore, in a style stolen from David Letterman, I have devised a ``Top Ten List'' to answer the question, ``Why I might want to become a computer scientist.''

  1. I thought it would be a great way to learn how to type.
  2. I no longer need to sleep at night. Now I just take naps while I wait for the system to respond to my commands.
  3. The Binary Number System.
  4. The fact that once I become a computer scientist, I can financialy ruin Bill Gates to the point that Babygirl Gates has to go to community college.
  5. Since we are on the money subject, as tempting as most low wage, benefitless jobs are, I am opting for the big bucks of computer science.
  6. Getting to work on the dingy, dirty, oily, filthy, keyboards in the student computer lab.
  7. Have I mentioned the Binary Number System yet?
  8. There is nothing like a tension headache caused by staring at the monitor.
  9. Graduating Suma Cum Lade because I know how to hack into the system and change my grades.
  10. I want to be a nerd like the teacher.

By Becky Zagurski