NOTE: Menu choices are in italics

Cursor Movement

Cursor left left arrow
Cursor right right arrow
Word left Ctrl - left arrow
Word right Ctrl - right arrow
Cursor up up arrow
Cursor down down arrow
Undo Ctrl Z
Page Up PgUp
Page down PgDn
Start of line Home
End of line End
Top of window Ctrl - Home
Bottom of window Ctrl - End
Top of file Ctrl - PgUp
Bottom of file Ctrl - PgDn
Start of block Ctrl - Q B
End of block Ctrl - Q K
Last cursor position Ctrl - Q P
Tab Tab


Toggle insert mode Ins
Del char left Backspace
Del char at cursor Del
Del word right Ctrl - T
Insert line Ctrl - N
Del line Ctrl - Y
Del to end of line Ctrl - Q Y


Find Search|Find
Find & Replace Search|Replace
Search again Search|Again
Match pair forward Ctrl - Q [
Match pair backward Ctrl - Q ]


New file File|New
Open file File|Open
Save file File|Save
Save as File|Save as...
Print file File|Print
Exit File|Exit


Mark block begin Drag the cursor
Mark block end Drag the cursor
Copy block Edit|Copy, Edit|Paste
Move block Edit|Cut, Edit|Paste
Delete block Edit|Clear
Read block Ctrl - K R
Write block Ctrl - K H
Hide/Show block Ctrl - K H
Print block File|Print
Indent block Ctrl - K I
Un-indent block Ctrl - K U
Mark word Drag the cursor
Mark line Drag the cursor