Extracting Minutia from Fingerprints

The fingerprint images can be found in /image/fingerprint_images (this directory is accessible from SUNs only). Use "xv" to display the images, then move the mouse over the minituae and click the middle mouse button to get the coordinates (xv displays the column first, then the row -- store these values in a file IN THE SAME ORDER). Save the minutiae coordinates using the same filename but with the extension .min (e.g., if the file's name is msu0028.pgm, the minutiae file should be msu0028.min)

I would appreciate if you could process these images by Friday, November 26. Please, let me know when you are done so I can copy the files (with the minutiae coordinates) over to my directory.

Thank you very much for your help !!! There will be pizza and drinks at the end of the semester (during the demos !!!)

Wael Almageed: msu.0000.* - msu.0001.* (20 images)

Mukesh Motwani: msu.0002.* - msu.0003.* (20 images)

Lingjiang Cheng: msu.0004.* - msu.0005.* (20 images)

Zhigang Lu: msu.0006.* - msu.0007.* (20 images)

Minghua Cai: msu.0008.* - msu.0009.* (20 images)

Kerry Gruber: msu.0010.* - msu.0011.* (20 images)

Jon Dowdall: msu.0012.* - msu.0013.* (20 images)

Ben Carlson: msu.0014.* - msu.0015.* (20 images)

Zhanqi Yu: msu.0016.* - msu.0017.* (20 images)

Gopinath Kandhadi: msu.0018.* - msu.0019.* (20 images)

Chris Dotyhumphrey: msu.0020.* - msu.0021.* (20 images)

Matt Fullenwinder: msu.0022.* - msu.0023.* (20 images)

Xiaosheng Tu: msu0024.* - msu0027.* (40 images)

Bill Peppin: msu0028.* - msu0029.* (20 images)