CPE 400/600 Computer Communication Networks

Fall 2008



In this assignment you will build a messaging system similar to Messenger. Your task is to implement a server and a client program for the messaging system.

The task of the server includes

  1. to keep track of online clients including their IP addresses,
  2. to answer client queries that ask for the availability of another client,
  3. to set up the communication channel between them (only in phase 1), and
  4. to keep a list of live chat sessions.
The server is assumed to be up and running all the time.

Phase 1: Chat session is set up by server where client messages are relayed over the server. All the communication is via TCP.

Phase 2: Clients login and obtain information from the server using UDP. Then they chat with their buddies directly using UDP.
Bonus: Use multicast groups to send chat messages to buddies in a chat room.




Code Template

Java version


What to Turn In

You will provide the following thru WebCT:


Important Dates