CPE 401/601 Computer Network Systems

Spring 2015

Assignment 4: IoT Cloud Interaction

Due on Monday, Apr 17, at 1:00 pm


In this assignment, we will integrate cloud into our IoT ecosystem on top of Assignment 3: IoT Interaction.

You may utilize any cloud provider to store sensing data (i.e., path traces in our case) and share it with other participants. You need to provide communication from both the IoT server and IoT devices. While the IoT devices will append information into the cloud repository, the server will fetch the data for analysis.

Following figure presents sample interaction with cloud.

sample cloud interaction between IoT devices and server


Each additional cloud provider accounts for +3 bonus (up to 3 additional ones).


Report all major actions as the program communicates with other server/users in a file named Activity.log.

When a malformed message is received report it in a log file named Error.log.


You must submit all the source code in Python with sufficient comments to help understand the code.

You must include in your submission a file named Readme.txt that includes your name and a brief description of your submission, including the name of each file submitted along with a one line description of what is in the file.

If your code is not complete, tell us what works and what doesn't in Readme.txt file. If you are submitting code that does not compile, please tell us that as well. If you borrow code from someone else, you are required to tell us about it (this must also be documented in the code itself).

Finally, feel free to include a description of any problems you had or anything else you think might be helpful to us.


You should work individually.

Your project will be tested to make sure it works properly.

Your grade will depend on the functionality and the code quality. Hence, please pay careful attention to clean, modular and extensible design as you implement the project.


This document will evolve as we discuss the project and determine communication protocols and messaging formats.

Don't wait till the last minute to start this phase!

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