CS 302 - Data Structures

Spring 2015

Programming Assignment 1 : Project Design

Due on Thursday, Jan 29 at 9:00 am

Programming Problem 2 on Page 28

Consider a program that will read employee data, sort the data by employee identification number, write out the sorted data, and compute various statistics about the data, such as the average age of an employee. Design a modular solution to this problem using CRCs and UML notation. What classes and methods did you identify during the design of your solution? Write complete specifications, including preconditions and postconditions, for each module.

Additionally, write the class and function descriptors (without actually implementing the functions) along with comments for documentation. Then use Doxygen to generate documentation for the code shell/template you developed.

You may use any editor to produce UMLs. There are online sources as well (creately.com/Draw-UML-and-Class-Diagrams-Online).

Note:You should read Appendix C to get familiar with UML and Appendix I to get familiar with Doxygen documentation.

Requirements:CRC and UML for design, source code and Doxygen report.

Deliverables:Two doc/pdf files for design and doxygen report. A zip file of source code.

Teaching Assistant:M.A. Canbaz

What to turn in: A softcopy of your solutions as a single zip file of source code; a doc or pdf file for CRC and UML design; and documentation generated by Doxygen to be uploaded to WebCT.