CS 302 - Data Structures

Fall 2016

Programming Assignment 2 : Recursion

Due on Tuesday, Oct 4 at 4:00 pm

Modified from Programming Problem 4 on Page 94

Implement the algorithm kSmall, discussed in Section 2.4.3, as a C++ function. Use the first value of the array as the pivot.

Use the main file that tests the class with data from a text file. Your code should work for any given file that has integers enumerated in a file (one value per line).

Use the Doxygen to generate documentation for the code you developed.


  1. Source code for your class
  2. Updated main file
  3. Doxygen report for code documentation (as a pdf file)
  4. Test output of your code (i.e., the kth smallest value with given data file)
  5. A log file of traces (i.e. log.txt) showing pivot value and state of the array after the partitioning of each round

Teaching Assistant:Shehryar Masaud

What to turn in: A softcopy of your sourcecode and reports should be uploaded to WebCampus. Do not compress as a zip file or combine as a tar file.