CS 302 - Data Structures

Fall 2016

Programming Assignment 3 : Stacks

Due on Tuesday, October 18 at 4:00 pm

Programming Problems 11 and 12 on Page 220-222

Sample cityFile.txt, flightFile.txt, and requestFile.txt.


  1. Source code for your classes (as FlightMap.v1.cpp and FlightMap.v2.cpp)
  2. A main file that tests the classes with flight routes and requests read from files as specified in the assignment (named PA03.cpp).
  3. Makefile to compile your code.
  4. Doxygen report for code documentation (as HPAir.doxygen.pdf)
  5. Test output of your codes (as HPAir.out.pdf)
  6. A log file (i.e. HPAir.log.txt) of method calls, actions, and content of the stack.

Bonus [3 points]: problem 13 on page 222-223

Teaching Assistant:Iman Vakili

What to turn in: A softcopy of your sourcecode and reports should be uploaded to WebCampus. Do not compress as a zip file or combine as a tar file.