CS 450/650 Fundamentals of Integrated Computer Security

Fall 2013

Lab 1: Automated Attack and Penetration Tools

Due on Thursday, Oct 3 at 1:00 pm

Make sure you read the Automated Attack and Penetration chapter posted on WebCampus.

Complete the lab exercises (at the end of the chapter) posted on WebCampus and when applicable insert snapshots of your configuration to answer in-lab questions.

We have set a set of systems in SEM 211A for this lab exercise. If you do not have a copy of Windows 2000, you may stop by the lab and complete the assignment using the isolated testbed.

Note: Complete either Linux or Windows version of the Metasploit exercise and the N-Stalker exercise.

What to turn in A soft-copy of your results and answers to the questions to be uploaded to WebCampus.