CS 450/650 Fundamentals of Integrated Computer Security

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

UNR, Spring 2011

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Course Information

Class hours Monday & Wednesday, 11:00 am - 12:15pm @ PE 208 Security in Computing, 4th Edition University of Nevada, Reno
Instructor Dr. Mehmet H. Gunes
E-mail mgunes (at) cse (dot) unr (dot) edu
Web page http://www.cse.unr.edu/~mgunes
Office SEM 204 (Scrugham Engineering-Mines)
Office hours Monday & Wednesday, 2:30 - 4:00 pm or by appointment

Catalog Description

Network security, database and system security, access control, policy and ethics development, attacks, and counter attack measures, security tools and malicious code, current trends and research.


The objective of this course is to cover principles of computer and network security along with some relevant background in basic cryptography. We will discuss various attack techniques and how to defend against them. After completing this course, students will be able to analyze, design, and build secure systems of moderate complexity.



Required Recommended

Syllabus (Tentative)

This is a tentative list of topics, subject to modification and reorganization.
  1. Introduction to computer security
  2. Cryptography and cryptographic protocols
  3. Software security
  4. Operating system security
  5. Network and Web security
  6. Malicious code analysis and defense
  7. Advanced topics and case studies (to be chosen according to instructor and student interest)


Grading (Tentative)

Both grading policy and scale are subject to change. Failure in either the assignments or the tests will result in failure in the course.

Grading Policy

Grading Scale

Important Note: You will have one week to appeal for your grades after the graded assignments/tests are returned. So, please keep this in mind if you think that there is a problem/issue with the grading of your work.

ABET Criteria

ABET Accreditation Criterion 3 Program Outcomes that are relevant to this course are:

Schedule (Tentative), Notes & Assignments

This is a tentative schedule including the exam dates. It is subject to readjustment depending on the time we actually spend in class covering the topics.

Permanent reading assignment: it is assumed that you are familiar with the contents of the slides of all past meetings.

Date Lectures Assignments & Notes
Wed, Jan 19 Lecture #1: Introduction  
Mon, Jan 24 Lecture #2: Elementary Cryptography  
Wed, Jan 26 Lecture #3: Entropy  
Mon, Jan 31 Lecture #4: Data Encryption Standard  
Wed, Feb 2 Lecture #5: How to give a talk  
Mon, Feb 7 Lecture #6: Advanced Encryption Standard Homework 1 due Feb 14 at 11am  
Wed, Feb 9 Lecture #7: Advanced Persistent Threats
Social Engineering
SSH Tunneling
Mon, Feb 14 Lecture #8: Algorithm Background  
Wed, Feb 16 Lecture #9: Rivest-Shamir-Adelman  
Mon, Feb 21 President's day (no class)  
Wed, Feb 23 Lecture #10: Cryptographic Hash Functions  
Mon, Feb 28 Lecture #11: Digital Signatures Project (1st step) due Mar 28 at 11am  
Wed, Mar 2 Lecture #12: Key Exchange Homework 2 due Mar 9 at 5pm 
Mon, Mar 7 Lecture #13: Digital Certificates    
Wed, Mar 9 Midterm Exam  
Mon, Mar 14 Spring break (no class)  
Wed, Mar 16 Spring break (no class)  
Mon, Mar 21 Lecture #14: Program Security  
Wed, Mar 23 Lecture #15: Internet anonymity  
Mon, Mar 28 Lecture #16: Malicious Codes  
Wed, Mar 30 Lecture #17: Targeted Malware
Code injection
Homework 3 due Apr 11 at 11am  
Mon, Apr 4 Lecture #18: Operating System Security  
Wed, Apr 6 Lecture #19: Operating System Security (cont) Project due May 2 at 11am  
Mon, Apr 11 Lecture #20: Inferring Private Information Using Social Network Data by Dr. Kantarcioglu at SEM 347.  
Wed, Apr 13 Lecture #21: Trusted Operating Systems Homework 4 due Apr 20 at 11am  
Mon, Apr 18 Lecture #22: Trusted Operating Systems  
Wed, Apr 20 Lecture #23: Network Threats  
Mon, Apr 25 Lecture #24: Secure Communications Homework 5 due May 4 at 11am  
Wed, Apr 27 Lecture #25: 802.11 security
TCP Split Handshake Attack
Promiscuous Detection
Mon, May 2 Lecture #26: WPA2 vulnerabilities
Mon, May 9
at 9:45 am
Final Exam (Exam covers post-midterm material. However, students are expected to remember important pre-midterm concepts.)  


Announcements regarding the course will be posted on this web page and WebCT. Please check your WebCT e-mail daily.

Course Information - Description - Objective - Prerequisites - Textbooks - Syllabus
Organization - Grading - ABET Criteria - Schedule - Announcements

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