CS 450/650 Fundamentals of Integrated Computer Security

Spring 2012

Project : Smart Grid Security Survey

Due on Monday, May 7 at 11:00 am

Research Smart Grid and provide a detailed analysis of a cyber-security issue in the grid and proposed protection mechanisms. The coverage of this report should demonstrate your competence with the chosen security issue. Your writing should be clear, engaging, technically sound, and written in an appropriate style for an academic publication.

Your abstract should be at least 150 words providing a brief summary of the paper.

Your paper should address:

Your review of at least 5 papers may address:

Your paper will be evaluated using criteria discussed in this paper review form

Deliverable: At least 2000 word (excluding references) paper (approximately 4 pages) with your discussion.

Bonus: Considerably well prepared surveys that provide much more than the minimum requirements will receive up to 6 extra bonus points.

What to turn in: A report should be uploaded to WebCT.