CS 491g/691g Special Topics on Social Networks

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

UNR, Fall 2016

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Course Information

Class hours Tuesday & Thursday, 1:00 - 2:15pm  Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach University of Nevada, Reno
Class location SEM 234
Instructor Dr. Mehmet H. Gunes
E-mail mgunes (at) unr (dot) edu
Phone (775) 784 - 4313
Web page https://www.cse.unr.edu/~mgunes
Office SEM 238 (Scrugham Engineering-Mines)
Office hours Tuesday & Thursday 9:30 - 11:00 am or by appointment


There is no requirement for strong programming or mathematical skills.


Topics (Tentative)

This is a tentative list of topics, subject to modification and reorganization.


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Research Project

The main component of your grade is a research project that may materialize as a publication. If your project has a significant coding or computational component (e.g., downloading and analyzing a dataset), then you may work with a partner after consulting with the instructor. The paper will be judged on the following criteria:

Grading (Tentative)

Both grading policy and scale are subject to change.

Grading Policy

Grading Scale

Important Note: You will have one week to appeal for your grades after the graded assignments/tests are returned. So, please keep this in mind if you think that there is a problem/issue with the grading of your work.

Schedule (Tentative), Notes & Assignments

This is a tentative schedule including the exam dates. It is subject to readjustment depending on the time we actually spend in class covering the topics.

Date Lectures Assignments & Notes
Tue, Aug 30 Lecture #1: Introduction to Social Networks The hidden influence of social networks  
Thu, Sep 1 Lecture #2: Introduction to Social Networks Connected: The Power of Six Degrees  
Tue, Sep 6 Lecture #3: Introduction to Data Mining The Data Science Revolution  
Thu, Sep 8 Lecture #4: Graph Essentials  
Tue, Sep 13 Lecture #5: Network Measures Project Abstract due  
Thu, Sep 15 Lecture #6: Network Measures  
Tue, Sep 20 Lecture #7: Network Measures  
Thu, Sep 22 Lecture #8: Network Models Lab 1 due  
Tue, Sep 27 Lecture #9: Network Models  
Thu, Sep 29 Lecture #10: Data Mining Essentials Lab 2 due  
Tue, Oct 4 Lecture #11: Data Mining Essentials  
Thu, Oct 6 Lecture #12: Data Mining Essentials  
Tue, Oct 11 Lecture #13: Data Mining Essentials  
Thu, Oct 13 Lecture #14: Community Analysis Related Work report due  
Tue, Oct 18 Lecture #15: Community Analysis  
Thu, Oct 20 Lecture #16: Community Analysis Lab 3 due  
Tue, Oct 25 Lecture #17: Network Visualization - Graph Indexing Research talk 101  
Thu, Oct 27 Lecture #18: Venture Recommendation - Impairment Awareness  
Tue, Nov 1 Lecture #19: Viral Content - Censorship - Memory Standardization  
Thu, Nov 3 Lecture #20: Netflix Ratings - Predictions  
Tue, Nov 8 Lecture #21: Political Positions - Amazon Reviews - LinkedIn Methodology report due 
Thu, Nov 10 Lecture #22: Longer Tail - Like-Minded Users - Lindy Hop Community Lab 4 due  
Tue, Nov 15 Lecture #23: Information Diffusion  
Thu, Nov 17 Lecture #24: Information Diffusion Lab 5 due  
Tue, Nov 22 Lecture #25: Information Diffusion  
Thu, Nov 24 Thanksgiving (no class)  
Tue, Nov 29 Lecture #26: Influence and Homophily Lab 6 due  
Thu, Dec 1 Lecture #27: Influence and Homophily  
Tue, Dec 6 Lecture #28: Recommendation  
Thu, Dec 8 Lecture #29: Behavior Analytics  
Tue, Dec 13 Lecture #30: Final Project Presentations (graduate) Lab 7 due  
Tue, Dec 20 Final Project Presentations @ 5:00pm Final project report due  


Announcements regarding the course will be posted on this web page and sent by e-mail to your UNR e-mail account. Please daily check your UNR e-mail.

Course Information - Prerequisites - Objective - Topics - Textbooks - Similar Courses - Resources - Organization - Research Project - Grading - Schedule - Announcements
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