CS 491g/691g Special Topics on Social Networks

Spring 2018

Lab 2

Due on Wednesday, Feb 14 at 1:00 pm

Social Networks (Social Media Mining: An Introduction)

Exercise 1.6.6: How does behavior of individuals change across sites? What behaviors remain consistent and what behaviors likely change? What are possible reasons behind these differences?

Exercise 1.6.9: Identify at least two major side effects of information sharing on social media.

Graph Essentials (Social Media Mining: An Introduction)

Exercise 2.9.2: Is it possible to have the following degrees in a graph with 7 nodes? Briefly explain.
{4, 4, 4, 3, 5, 7, 2}

Exercise 2.9.3: Given the following adjacency matrix, compute the adjacency list and the edge list.

Bonferroni's Principle (Mining of Massive Datasets)

Exercise 1.2.2: Suppose we have information about the supermarket purchases of 100 million people. Each person goes to the supermarket 100 times in a year and buys 10 of the 1000 items that the supermarket sells. We believe that a pair of terrorists will buy exactly the same set of 10 items (perhaps the ingredients for a bomb?) at some time during the year. If we search for pairs of people who have bought the same set of items, would we expect that any such people found were truly terrorists?

Submitting your files

Submission of your homework is via WebCampus. You must submit all the required files in a single pdf document containing all the answers.