CS 765 Complex Networks

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

UNR, Fall 2011

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Course Information

Class hours Monday & Wednesday, 11:00am - 12:15pm
Class location SEM 201
Instructor Dr. Mehmet Gunes
Phone (775) 784 - 4313
Web page http://www.cse.unr.edu/~mgunes
Office SEM 204 (Scrugham Engineering-Mines)
Office hours Monday & Wednesday 2:30 - 4:00 pm or by appointment

Recommended Textbooks


Catalog Description: Theory and modeling: biological, information, social and technological networks. Network models: scale-free, small-world, power-law. Processes on networks: epidemics, resilience, search.

This course covers theory and modeling of real-world networks such as computer, social, and biological networks where the underlying topology is a dynamically growing complex graph.

Many phenomena in nature can be modeled as a network. Researchers from many areas including biology, computer science, engineering, epidemiology, mathematics, physics, and sociology have been studying complex networks of their field.

Scale-free networks and small-world networks are well known examples of complex networks where power-law degree distribution and high clustering are their respective characteristic feature. These networks have been identified in many fundamentally different systems. Complex networks display non-trivial topological features that require an in depth study.


Students who successfully complete this course will gain:

Topics (Tentative)



Research Project

The main component of your grade is a research project that may materialize as a paper. If your project has a significant computational component (e.g., downloading and analyzing a network dataset), then you may work with a partner after consulting with the instructor. The paper will be judged on the following criteria:

Following are sample project topics:

Grading (Tentative)

Both grading policy and scale are subject to change.

Grading Policy

Grading Scale

Important Note: You will have one week to appeal for your grades after the graded assignments/tests are returned. So, please keep this in mind if you think that there is a problem/issue with the grading of your work.


Schedule (Tentative), Notes & Assignments

This is a tentative schedule including the assignment dates. It is subject to readjustment depending on the time we actually spend in class covering the topics.

Date Lectures Assignments & Notes
Mon, Aug 29 Lecture #1: Intro  
Wed, Aug 31 Lecture #2: Introduction  
Mon, Sep 5 Labor day (no class)  
Wed, Sep 7 Lecture #3: Mathematics of Networks Lab 1 due  
Mon, Sep 12 Lecture #4: Mathematics of Networks (cont)  
Wed, Sep 14 Lecture #5: Centrality Project Title/Abstract due  
Mon, Sep 19 Lecture #6: Centrality (cont)  
Wed, Sep 21 Lecture #7: Community Structures  
Mon, Sep 26 Lecture #8: Graph Data Mining  
Wed, Sep 28 Lecture #9: Measures and Metrics  
Mon, Oct 3 Lecture #10: Power Laws Lab 2 due  
Wed, Oct 5 Lecture #11: Small Worlds Network Statistics  
Mon, Oct 10 Lecture #12: Ecological area-network relations
Video Game Industry modeled by complex networks
Related Work report due  
Wed, Oct 12 Lecture #13: Latitudinal Gradients & Interaction Diversity
Assessing climate policy networks in Nevada resource management
Mon, Oct 17 Lecture #14: Internet Measurements
Comparison of Social Networks
Lab 3 due  
Wed, Oct 19 Lecture #15: Air Transport Network
News Ecology
Mon, Oct 24 Lecture #16: Peer2Peer Social Networks
Project Discussion
Wed, Oct 26 Lecture #17: Information Spread in Social Networks
Community-Based Recommendation
Mon, Oct 31 Lecture #18: Search in Networks  
Wed, Nov 2 Lecture #19: Information Diffusion  
Mon, Nov 7 Lecture #20: Percolation and Network Resilience Methodology report due  
Wed, Nov 9 Lecture #21: Game Recommendation
News Ecology
Mon, Nov 14 Lecture #22: Game Industry
Information Spread
Paper critique 1 due  
Wed, Nov 16 Lecture #23: Ecological area-network relations
Air Transport Network
Mon, Nov 21 Lecture #24: Food Web
Paper critique 2 due  
Wed, Nov 23 Lecture #25: Social Networks
Epidemic Spreading
Mon, Nov 28 Lecture #26: Network Dynamics  
Wed, Nov 30 Lecture #27: Network Visualization Lab 4 due  
Mon, Dec 5 Lecture #28: Tagging Networks
Wed, Dec 7 Lecture #29: Project presentations  
Mon, Dec 12 Lecture #30: Project presentations Project report due
Wed, Dec 14 Prep day (no class) Lab 5 due  
Wed, Dec 21 Final Exam @ 8am (Well, we have no final exam :)


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Course Information - Description - Objective - Topics - Prerequisites - Organization - Grading - Courses - Tools - Papers - Schedule - Announcements

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