David Feil-Seifer[File-Cypher]
Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
University of Nevada, Reno
email: dave (at) cse (dot) unr (dot) edu
phone: (775) 784-6469
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CS 791: Robotic Manipulators

Course Info

Date/Time: TTh 1-2:15pm
Location: SEM 257
Instructor: Dr. David Feil-Seifer (dave@cse.unr.edu)
Office Hours: MT 2:30-4:00pm

Objectives: Students who take this class will:

Course Guidelines:


The final grade will be made up of:


Students wishing to take this class should have a solid background in Linear Algebra. Taking Artificial Intelligence or Robotics is a plus, but is not required.

Required texts

Course materials: Siciliano, Sciavicco, Villani, Oriolo. Robotics: Modelling, Planning and Control. Springer, 2010.

Policies regarding late work and make-up exams

Please contact the instructor for any planned absences to schedule make-up work. Make-ups will be considered only for extraordinary circumstances.


The best etiquette, especially for projects, is to plan ahead. Make sure that you have all the resources you need before you start working. Get your code done as quickly as possible and set realistic goals for your project. When you encounter difficulties ask your other group members or other groups before asking the instructor. Remember, there are far fewer instructors than there are groups. However, do not hesitate to ask when you get stuck.
Etiquette for in-class discussions are clear. Try not to interrupt. Do not state the same point over and over again. Speaking more does not necessarily mean a good discussion grade. Speaking well does. Do not interfere with other people adding to the discussion or monopolize the discussion.

Course Calendar/Topics Outline: topics (in proposed order, subject to change)

For the course lectures, please follow this link.

1/24IntroS & S: Chapter 1
1/26Linear Algebra RefresherAppendix A
1/31ROS OverviewROS wiki
2/02Coordinate TransformationsS & S: Chapter 2.1-2.7
2/07Direct KinematicsS & S: Chapter 2.8-Project 1: Due 2/24
2/09Basic Linear Control Theory
2/14Linear Control Theory II
2/16Trajectory PlanningS & S: Chapter 4.1, 4.2
2/21Differential KinematicsS & S: Chapter 3.1, 4
2/23JacobianS & S: Chapter 3.1-3.4Homework 1 (due 3/7)
2/28Differential Kinematics II
3/02Inverse Kinematics
3/07Project IIS & S: Chapter 4Project 2: Due 3/17
3/09Trajectory Planning IIS & S: Chapter 4
3/14Inverse Kinematics IIS & S: Chapter 3
3/16Statics & ManipulabilityS & S: Chapter 3
3/28Sensors & ActuatorsS & S: Chapter 5
3/30Papers: Planning AlgorithmsHomework 2: Due 4/13 before class
4/04DynamicsS & S: Chapter 7
4/13Dynamics IIS & S: Chapter 7
4/18Dynamics IIIS & S: Chapter 7
4/25Dynamics IVS & S: Chapter 7

Statement on Academic Dishonesty

"Cheating, plagiarism or otherwise obtaining grades under false pretenses constitute academic dishonesty according to the code of this university. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and penalties can include canceling a student's enrollment without a grade, giving an F for the course or for the assignment. For more details, see the University of Nevada, Reno General Catalog."

Statement of Disability Services

"Any student with a disability needing academic adjustments or accommodations is requested to speak with the Disability Resource Center (Pennington Student Achievement Center, Suite 230) as soon as possible to arrange for appropriate accommodations."

Statement on Audio and Video Recording

"Surreptitious or covert video-taping of class or unauthorized audio recording of class is prohibited by law and by Board of Regents policy. This class may be videotaped or audio recorded only with the written permission of the instructor. In order to accommodate students with disabilities, some students may have been given permission to record class lectures and discussions. Therefore, students should understand that their comments during class may be recorded."

Statement for Academic Success Services

"Your student fees cover usage of the Math Center (784-4433 or www.unr.edu/mathcenter/ ), Tutoring Center (784-6801 or www.unr.edu/tutoring-center ), and University Writing Center (784-6030 or http://www.unr.edu/writing-center). These centers support your classroom learning; it is your responsibility to take advantage of their services. Keep in mind that seeking help outside of class is the sign of a responsible and successful student."