David Feil-Seifer[File-Cypher]
Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
University of Nevada, Reno
email: dave (at) cse (dot) unr (dot) edu
phone: (775) 784-6469



My research is motivated by the potential for socially assistive robotics (SAR) to address health-care crises that stem from a lack of qualified care professionals for an ever-growing population in need of personalized care. SAR provides assistance through social rather than physical interaction and can augment human caregivers. I have worked to develop SAR algorithms and complete systems that are relevant to domains such as post-stroke rehabilitation, elder care, and therapeutic interaction for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The key challenge for such autonomous SAR systems is the ability to sense, interpret, and properly respond to human social behavior, especially given the unpredictable and heterogeneous nature of human responses.

Current Research

Prior Research

Enabling a robot to understand social behavior, and do so while interacting with the child, is a challenging problem. Children are highly individual and thus technology used for social interaction requires recognition of a wide-range of social behavior. My dissertation work addressed some challenges for developing autonomous socially assistive robots. In particular, to enable them to recognize and appropriately respond to a child’s free-form behavior in unstructured play contexts.