Ph.D. Students
Christoper King, ($DHS)
Research Interests: Computer vision and Robotics.
Amol Ambardeker, ($ONR)
Research Interests: Computer vision, Robotics, and AI.
Aras Dargazany, ($ONR)
Research Interests: Computer vision and Robotics specifically in tracking, segmentation, and classification.
Maryam Jaberi, ($TA)
Research Interests: Machine learning, Knowledge discovery and data mining, Learning automata, Neural networks And Nero-Fuzzy, Bioinformatics.
Faezeh Tafazzoli, ($TA)
Research Interests: Computer vision, Object and Motion recognition, Video surveillance.
Dan Farmer
Research Interests: Computer vision, Pattern recognition, and Machine learning.
M.Sc. Students
Rory Pierce
Research Interests: Computer vision, Gaze tracking, Oculometrics and GPU for CV applications.
Undergraduate Students
David LeBlanc
Research Interests: Eye-Tracking, Object detection and recognition, Robotics, Learning systems, Image processing, Computer vision, and Pattern recognition.
Joshua Gleason
Research Interests: Computer vision, Machine learning and Object recognition.
Steven Woods
Research Interests: Computer vision, Image processing, Robotics (space exploration), Autonomous navigation and AI.
Marvin Smith
Research Interests:

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