I am currently a doctoral candidate in the Department Computer Science at University of Nevada, Reno. I have completed M.S. in Computer Science (2007) from University of Nevada, Reno, M.S. in Applied Physics (2005) from East Carolina University, and B.E. in Electronics Engineering (2002) from University of Mumbai (India).

My primary research interest is in the area of computer vision, with a special focus on automated video surveillance applications like traffic monitoring. In general, I am interested in developing efficient and reliable algorithms that can infer symantic information from the sequence of images. I have worked on different aspects of a video surveillance system like foreground object detection, tracking, camera calibration and object classification. In the area of biometrics, I have contributed to the development of techniques related to the signature recognition. In the area of robot vision, I am particularly interested in action/intention recognition in human robot interaction and use of RGB-D cameras for object recognition.