Multi-robot self organization

  • Service and security applications can greatly benefit from the use of multi-robot teams, in that the tasks can be accomplished faster and more reliably. The major challenges we address in our research are the methods communication and control that enable the cooperation of multiple robots in achieving a task.
  • The goal of this project is to develop an architecture with the following main features: 1) it allows for heterogeneous teams, such that robots with different capabilities can cooperate to achieve complex tasks, 2) it enables self-organization in task allocation, which is performed through a market-based publish subscribe mechanism, 3) it provides sensor sharing capabilities across robots, 4) it has a low computation overload, 5) it is platform independent, and 5) it is robust to environment and team changes.

Distributed auction based task allocation with a heterogeneous robot group

Building a map of the environment

Robot coordination using sensor sharing during failure

  • This work was supported by the Office of Naval Research under grant number N00014-05-1-0525.