Ming Li

Assistant Professor

I am going to join University of Texas Arlington in 2018 Fall. My research interests include privacy and security, crowd and social sensing, Internet of things, cyber-physical systems, and wireless networks. My research has been funded by NSF. I am an affiliated faculty of UNR Cybersecurity Center.

Openings: We are looking for self-motivated Ph.D. students who are committed to research.


Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Nevada, Reno
Office: 235 Scrugham Engineering and Mines
Phone: (775) 682-6861
Email: mingli at


[2018.03] One paper on novel user authentication for smartwatches has been accepted by ASIACCS'18 (52/310=17.0%)
[2018.03] One paper on privacy-preserving data aggregation for crowdsensing has been accepted by MobiHoc'18 (30/178=16.9%)
[2018.02] One paper on privacy-preserving auction for crowdsensing has been accepted by CNS'18
[2017.10] I was invited to serve as the Publications Chair of CNS'18
[2017.07] Research on privacy-aware mobile crowdsensing has been funded by NSF CCSS

Recent Publications

Beat-PIN: A User Authentication Mechanism for Wearable Devices Through Secret Beats

Ben Hutchins, Anudeep Reddy, Wenqiang Jin, Michael Zhou, Ming Li, and Lei Yang

Crowd-Empowered Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation for Mobile Crowdsensing

Lei Yang, Mengyuan Zhang, Shibo He, Ming Li, and Junshan Zhang

Privacy-Preserving Verifiable Data Aggregation and Analysis for Cloud-assisted Mobile Crowdsourcing

Gaoqiang Zhuo, Qi Jia, Linke Guo, Ming Li, and Pan Li

PPER: Privacy-Preserving Economic-Robust Spectrum Auction in Wireless Networks

Ming Li, Pan Li, Linke Guo, and Xiaoxia Huang

Energy Consumption Optimization for Multihop Cognitive Cellular Networks

Ming Li, Sergio Salinas, Pan Li, Xiaoxia Huang, Yuguang Fang, and Savo Glisic

LocaWard: A Security and Privacy Aware Location-Based Rewarding System

Ming Li, Sergio Salinas, and Pan Li

Optimal Energy Cost for Strongly Stable Multi-hop Green Cellular Networks

Weixian Liao, Ming Li, Sergio Salinas, Pan Li, and Miao Pan

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