Qiping Yan | Computer Science and Engineering | University of Nevada, Reno
´╗┐Personal Projects -- Chinese Calligraphy

Project Name: Chinese Calligraphy Products Website
Website: www.usdiner.com/ChineseCalligraphy
Implementation: MySQL, PHP, Perl, GD::Graph
Description: This project is an extension from the Name Translator.

";We can turn your English name into beautiful Chinese calligraphy and make it an incredible gift by printing (NOT heat transfer) it on a hat, mug, shirt or sweater etc. See sample works at the Sample Works page located on the left side menu. Satisfaction Guarantee!

When I was learning English the first time in China. My first question was "What is my name in English?". Do you know how your name looks like in Chinese Calligraphy? Beautiful! Chinese calligraphy literally means "Beautiful Writing". Click here to see for yourself. Our software will automatically translate your English name into Chinese and print it in Chinese calligraphy."