Qiping Yan | Computer Science and Engineering | University of Nevada, Reno
Personal Projects-- Online Restaurant Menu System

Project Name: Online Restaurant Menu Creator and Editor
Website: www.USDiners.com/xxx
Implementation: Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Javascript
Description: This is a web application I developed for USDiners.com. There are several websites that specialize in restaurants/dining. Most of them provide online menus. One of the problem with restaurant menus are they come with different format, contents and style. And menus change over time. It was time consumng and error-prone when creating on online restaurant menu. To resolve this problem, I developed this software. With it, the website can pass the work to each restaurant. It is the easiest for a restaurant owner to create his own menu since the owner knows his menu best. To save costs, some restaurant use picture menus while others use pdf files. The problem with that it is hard or imposibble to make changes to menus. That is why I chose HTML. While some websites that use HTML formatting have restrictions, I used a new way for owners to enter their menu -- users can simply type over the HTML page while still can visualizing the over all menu layout.

Anyway, I set up a demo version of for this webpage. You can play with it by click the link below.

Take a test drive.