Qiping Yan | Computer Science and Engineering | University of Nevada, Reno
Nevada Climate Change-- a NSF EPSCoR Funded Project

Project Name: Collaborative Research: Cyberinfrastructure Developments for the Western Consortium of Idaho, Nevada, and New Mexico
Website: www.sensor.nevada.edu/NCCP/
Description: (from the web)

The focus of this website is to advance the quality, and quantity of infrastructure and data collection for climate, hydrological and ecological information pertaining to the state of Nevada. This website provides information on the Nevada Climate Change Project and access to both the NevCAN (Nevada Climate-ecohydrology Assessment Network) and climate modeling output. All information and data is publicly available for download to any person or group that seeks to use it for any purpose, be it research, education, personal interest, or otherwise.

One of the major goals of this project was to create an easily accessible, and expandable infrastructure for geospatial data (such as climate information). By providing access to real-time and archived environmental data the project significantly enhances the ability of scientists, land managers educators and students to analyze and graphically present environmental data observations.

This effort was funded by the National Science Foundation EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) program under cooperative agreement number is EPS 0814372.

I am working on the ISO 19115 Metadata exchange system.