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School Projects -- CutGlass

Project Name: CutGlass
Class: IS675 Database Design and Implementation (2011)
Website: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Implementation: C#, MS SQL Server, ASP.NET 4.0
Description: This small web application is implemented based on our class project. The web application is implemented by Qiping Yan. This application has implemented all the required features for the project. You can see our ERDs in the Database Project page. Most of the functionality is located at the page Prototype Implementation. You can see the CREATE TABLE STAEMENTS, test data "SELECT * FROM tbls", and the 7 queries there.
The application was designed with ASP.NET and is running on a Windows Server 2008. The behind code is in C#, and data-binding is done with SQLAdaper. Layout was created using primarily MultiView. You can check it out at http://www.RenoDiner.com/Home/
Limitations: Not debugged. It works beautifully on Visual Studio. I am not sure how it looks on FireFox and Safari. Did not add proposal and work order creator.

Note: This project is actually hosted on my home computer which is a Windows server(IIS + SQL Server). www.RenoDiner.com is only used to store my dynamically assigned home IP address.